2018/2019 WGC Competitive Grants Program Request for Proposals

The Women’s Giving Circle (WGC) of the York County Community Foundation is currently seeking
proposals for programs/projects which fall within the WGC’s current investment priorities. These include:
• Improving educational opportunities for York County students of all ages, especially for those at risk, and
• Revitalizing York’s urban core, which includes supporting both economic development and
healthy and safe neighborhoods.
The WGC is looking to make strategic investments in innovative programs and/or projects that are either
in the planning or implementation stage. We are particularly interested in proposals for early stage
programs/projects with the potential for real impact or proposals which seek to improve the effectiveness
of existing programs/projects. Strong preference will be given to programs/projects that can demonstrate
sustainability following initial funding.

Who is eligible for funding in the 2018-19 cycle?

Qualified 501(c)(3) organizations, schools and government agencies based in York County.

How much funding is available?

WGC will consider requests up to $10,000. Applicants may submit more than one request.

What is the process to apply for funding?

Applicants are invited to submit brief concept papers (no longer than 2 pages) by Monday, January 7th
at 5pm
to Submissions should include:
• Summary of the program/project and its potential to affect significant positive change
• Timeline for implementation of the program/project
• The capabilities of the program/project leadership and partners
• Estimated program/project costs and potential source(s) of additional funding, if required
• How the program/project will be sustained after initial funding
**WGC will not consider proposals for annual operating expenses of existing programs.
WGC members will review applications in January and applicants may be invited to submit additional
information before final determinations are made. We anticipate that final grants will be announced in
February 2019.

What is the Women’s Giving Circle?

The WGC is a strategic grantmaking and donor education program of the York County Community
Foundation. Our 80+ members have come together to build a community of thoughtful, effective
philanthropists. WGC fills a key niche in York’s philanthropic landscape as an early funder of innovative
solutions to systemic problems facing our community. We seek to leverage our investments by attracting
or joining with other funders to maximize the impact of our grantmaking and focus on the sustainability
of the initiatives we fund by considering the leadership and organizational capacity of potential grantees.


Contact Carolyn Warman, Program Consultant to the WGC, at